About Al Jadeed Interior.

Our master craftsman, with over 20 years experience will build, finish, glassify, decorate any house or office. Al Jadeed install everything it sell, we will also cash & carry all of our products. We will work with you to build your custom dream house. If it is time for a complete remodel, we’re here and have what you need. Our job is done only when you are satisfied.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

Inspired by the latest innovation and innate designs. Al Jadeed Interior encompasses almost every aspect of flooring and ceiling. We pride ourselves at being specialists in: Wallpapers, Vinyl Flooring, Laminate, Engineered wood, Solid wood, Bamboo flooring and Industrial flooring.

Our Story

We have been doing business since 1998 right here in twin cities. With our expert in-house flooring fitters, who have had full training and apprenticeship in all areas of the flooring industry, we are able to combine professional consultation & advice with quality bespoke work for all our clients flooring needs.

Our Design Process

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Layout/Space Planning

Based on the measurements taken, and considering your requirements, you will be presented options for the layout of items for your space. Once a decision is made on the layout, the next step will be to develop the overall design concept.


This phase covers the options and selection of the color scheme, fabrics, furniture, fixtures, materials and finishes, along with the design of built-ins and custom furniture, if required.


You will receive a purchase proposal for approval. This details the work to be done or item to be purchased along with all known associated costs. Nothing will be purchased without your signed approval and payment in advance.

Home Workstation

Our passion is designing and decorating interior spaces – helping our clients express themselves and taking care of all aspects of a project from concept to completion.